George G. Spanos

Independent Executive Consultant and Writer in Ελλάδα

George G. Spanos

Independent Executive Consultant and Writer in Ελλάδα

During the first 40 years of his life, George:

has studied and specialised in Humanities & Psychology, Greece, Mech. Engineering, Wales, Int'l Shipping & Logistics, London, Creative Writing, Hellenic Studies and Early Christian Literature in a joint Harvard & MIT Expertise Course, Terrorsim & Conterterrorism, Hague, and EU Matters, HEC Paris.

He's been a frontline entrepreneur in shipping, logistics, shipowning, shipmanagement, forwarding and trading companies. He's founded, bought, restructured, operated and sold transport companies in Greece, and represented Shipyards from France, China and Colombia.

George has also been the Honorary General Consul of Colombia in Athens, for seven years till 2012. He enjoyed awards, and high distinctions from various Greek and Colombian Authorities and Institutions, due to his intensive and efficient handling of delicate humanitarian matters, and for strenghtening the bilateral economic relations through cultural & business diplomacy.

He's a fun and strong follower of Cultural Diplomacy, which he finds as the most usuful, infuential and effective tool for the way out of Greek crisis. George has served as President, BoD member or Consultant in various Cultural Institutions and Clubs, always related with international resonance promoting Greek humanitarian & cultural values.

George officialised his Political sense and analysis with his 2004 Candidacy in the Greek National Elections. Till then, he was an unofficial consultant to MP's and Parties on Shipping, Cultural & Humantirian issues.

As a natural emotional intelligent person, he espouced Paul Ekman's work and contribution in Recognising, Detecting & Analysing Micro-Subtle Facial Expressions, and he is trained as an Expert in understanding hidden feelings, detecting lies and personal coaching.

During the next 40 years of his life, George, will always be eagerly looking for new challenges to enrich, consolidate and share his genuine insight on humanitarian, political and multicultural matters, as well as, on innovative business development projects advising Int'l Organisations and Funds.

He 'll be mentoring startuppers and coach courageous entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into scalable and profitable investments.

George is a natural digger of history and brings to light real life inspirational stories.